ISSN: 2389-9980 (Online) | DOI: 10.18566/cueteo
The Cuestiones Teológicas Journal is a publication edited by the School of Theology of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Its main topic is focused on the great areas of theological knowledge, Fundamental Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Biblical Theology, Moral Theology, Pastoral Theology and Church History, from interdisciplinary positions, seeking to generate an open dialogue with current culture. Its purpose is to present the results of researches developed by national and international researchers and professors, with a particular interest on presenting the aspects of the methodology and the methods used for the research, in order for them to contribute to the theological knowledge.
Keywords: Fundamental Theology, Dogmatics, Bible, Moral, Pastoral, Church History, Spirituality, Interculturality.

Call for papers


Dear authors:
The Editorial Team of Cuestiones Teológicas journal (indexed in Scopus) invites professors, academics and researchers to submit their investigative and reflective works in the great areas of theological knowledge.

Articles will be received between March 27 and September 29, 2023.

Vol. 50 No. 113 (2023): January-June

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