Focus and Scope

The Cuestiones Teológicas journal is a publication edited by the School of Theology of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Its main topic is focused on the great areas of theological knowledge, Fundamental Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Biblical Theology, Moral Theology, Pastoral Theology and Church History, from interdisciplinary positions, seeking to generate an open dialogue with current culture. Its purpose is to present the results of researches developed by national and international researchers and professors, with a particular interest on presenting the aspects of the methodology and the methods used for the research, in order for them to contribute to the theological knowledge.

Cuestiones Teológicas publishes national and international articles.



Cuestiones Teológicas has a continuous publication for each semester (January – June and July – December), the continuous publication modality closes on June 30 and December 31 of each year. The Journal will receive and publish articles throughout the year on the topics defined by the editorial line.


The sections of the journal are the following

Editorial or Presentation of the Dossier: informs about the content of the issue and the relevance of the topics presented in it.

The Open Theme: section includes articles on a variety of research interests in philosophy and literature, different from those gathered in the Dossier. 

The Dossier: presents texts that revolve around a specific central theme, which the Editorial Team announced in a formal call for articles.

The structure of the presentation of the different sections of the journal changes in issues that consist exclusively of articles on freely chosen topics, in which case the Dossier section does not appear. Some issues of Cuestiones Teológicas also include a Translation section containing articles published in languages other than the original.


The Cuestiones Teológicas Journal declares that all the articles it receives are submitted to a plagiarism detection test; the contents that are published in the digital version are freely available and can be downloaded in PDF; the authors should manifest that the text they present is of their own authorship, unpublished and that they respect the intellectual property rights of third parties; and the evaluators should indicate on the evaluation format that they have no conflict of interest with the authors and topics on which they are going to render judgment.


Financing model

Cuestiones Teológicas is Open Access. It is financed and published by the non-profit Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.