Man and women in the Bible and in the Theology

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Alberto Ramírez Z.


This article deals with a burning theme touching now many venues around the theological reflexions. This is true for the increasing importance this theme is taking within the Latin American theological environnement. n one hand, we may speak about a «theology concerning the woman» meaning tha there is an urgent reflection to clarify her identity, per se, within the Church, through the light of the revelation, through the light of the nature of the Church and through the light of theology. It is, therefore, a question of theological anthropology. This reflection should guide us to clarify the specificity of the feminine condition in the Church, as such. In the other hand , we can talk about what we may call a «theology of the woman» meaning by that the theological endeavour the woman would take within the Church, with her talent, her own insights and understanding.

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Alberto Ramírez Z., Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Sacerdote Diocesano. Doctor en Teología por la Universidad de Lovaina, Bélgica. Profesor en la Facultad de Teología de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana y en el Instituto Bíblico de la Universidad
de Antioquia. Entre otros ha publicado: Los orígenes de la ideología pascual cristiana, Université
Catholique de Louvain, Melítonos perì pásja (De Melitón sobre la Pascua), Universidad de Antioquia,
Medellín 1993; Historia Bíblica, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín 1994. También ha publicado gran cantidad de artículos en revistas nacionales e internacionales.

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