Remembering Medellín

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Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga


The Latin American Conference of Bishops held in Medellín in 1968 was the ripen fruit offered by the Second Vatican Council to the Latin Amercan Church. Its center was a profesión of faith in Jesus Chist as Master of the History. It has been one of the best analyses of the Latin American reality in the light of faith and hope oriented toward an acting Christian love. Those who were protagonists in this assembly were not prisoners of their ego as religious leaders of their Church. In fast, they gave room to the action of the Spirit by opening their eyes to the condition of the por and their ears to the voice of the laity and to all those who moved by faith shared their views with their Church. This article gives us a hint about the meaning of the Medellín Conference in 1968 it is the work o fan histiric witness whose testimony confront us with the need to affirm again and again the principles related to the salvation through History: the need to confirm our values, to commit ourselves in favor of the human dignity, struggling for the compets us to avoid any violence because neither hate nor violence are the strength of our charity (Paul VI) That peace would reign and that life would run freely as a signo f hope.

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