The power of hispanic voice-over in radio: Comparing the effect of gendered voice-overs between hispanics and non-hispanics audiences

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Sindy Chapa
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    Assistant Professor and Director The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication School of Communication, College of Communication and Information Florida State University


This study examined how gendered voice-over in radio advertising influences the judgment of males and females, among Hispanics and Non-Hispanics in the United States. The study intended to support the contention that gendered commercials may be effectual or ineffectual with regards to the audience’s culture and gender. For the purpose of this study, a quasiexperiment design was conducted in the State of Texas. Overall, the results suggested that no gender difference exists among Hispanics when a male voice over was used to advertise a gendered product (Health Insurance). Contrary, significant gender differences exist among Non-Hispanics whose voice-over preferences are in accordance with their gender. In addition, Hispanics attitudes toward the ad and commercial are higher when a male voice was used, followed by mix voice-over (female and male voices), and last by a female voice. That is, Hispanic males and females perceive a male voice-over more positively than Non-Hispanics, whereas an individual female voice-over was preferred and perceived more positively by Non-Hispanics females in the U.S. 

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