The fique fiber has not died, it is trasforming

Carolina Campuzano Baena


There is the possibility to be ears and heart about what is happening in society from the university," says olando Enrique Guzmán López, Mechanical Engineering PhD and researcher at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Bucaramanga Section. From the Group of Research and Technological   Development in Mechatronics and Agroindustry –GiDeTechMA- (from the Spanish acronym) focused  on technological and industrial development. They wanted to contribute so the fique farmer sector can  get out from the crisis in which it is currently

Cauca, Nariño, Santander and Antioquia are the states with the highest production of the plant in the country, according to the Information and Communication Network of the agricultural sector in Colombia. However, the data of this Network realizes that the percentage of participation in the production and the number of cultivated hectares of the product, originating from tropical America, decreased, especially in Santander. If for 2007 in this department about 4,000 tons were produced, by 2014 they were close to 2,000. This crisis in the fique farmer sector is mainly due to the entry of synthetic materials as a substitute product.

Palabras clave

Fique; Dynamic characterization; Mechanical characterization; Bio-composite

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