Is the Metro storing and reusing electric energy?

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Claudia Patricia Gil Salcedo


It is no secret that rational use of natural resources is imperative for the planet habitants. The climate chage numbers show it, as well as extreme rainfalls and droughts. But this task is not only to individuals because the industry has greater responsibility.

Hence the Compañía Limitada de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá, Metro, was given the task of finding a way to save energy because it turns out that, when the trains slow down and restart at each station to pick up and drop off passengers, it happens something the experts call a voltage change. So that we understand it better as when at home you feel that the refrigerator starts and then you see how the lights lose luminosity, the engineer of the Potifical Bolivarian University Andres Emiro Restrepo Díez explains. That same phenomenon, but at a higher scale, happens to Metro. With the aggravating circumstance that these voltage changes affect equipment of the mass transit system.


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