Interview Dr. Carl D. Crane III

Beatriz Elena Marín Ochoa, José Nicolás Atehortúa


Our guest was born in the interior of the Northern part of New York city in the United States. Mr. Crane is a Mechanical Engineer, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; he is also a PhD on Philosophy, from the University of Florida. His family is comprised of his wife and his two daughters; they both studied at the University of Florida, where they currently teach; the youngest daughter has a two months old baby who brought so much happiness to his grandfather. His relation with the UPB began when Mr. Julio Correa, a Colombian teacher and researcher who was awarded with a Fulbright scholarship; once he arrived to Florida started to work with him. Since then, they have kept in touch and have worked together. Mr Crane is sure that this exchange is a very positive strategy that allows the development of research at the University. Universitas Magazine talked with him.

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