Insurance for electrical networks

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Ángela Milena Amaya Moreno


The inhabitants of the Inca civilization believed that when Ilyapa, god of lightning, walked or moved, he fired lightning from his white dress, while the thunder was produced by the discharge of his slingshot, which he carried in one of his hands. (Torres-Sánchez, 2010). In our world, lightning or atmospheric discharges are natural phenomena that, when impacted on the earth, can lead to human losses, environmental disasters and structural damage.

When power grids are struck by lightning or grazed by tree branches, short circuits can occur in the electrical system which, if not controlled in time, end in fires and large blackouts with incalculable consequences and, sometimes, disastrous. This was the case of what was called the Italian Blackout which, in 2003, left the whole country without energy for more than three hours when a tree fell on the electrical grids.

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