Ecumenical dialogue between catholics and pentecostalists. builders of the culture of encounter in a plural society

Patricio Merino Beas


The article addresses the theological categories of recent ecumenical development among Catholics and Pentecostalists, which makes possible the building of a culture of encounter in the middle of a plural society. The proposal is presented in three parts. First, the inner processes of Pentecostalism that led to the categories of ecumenism of spirit and pentecostality of church are introduced. Second, the relevant catholic categories of ecumenism are introduced, such as ecclesiology of communion and spirituality of missionary disciple. Lastly, it focuses on the recommendations that Pope Francis has put forward in the ecumenical field, such as ecumenism of walking together and culture of encounter. Those ideas lead to a more dynamic and pneumatological understanding of ecumenical dialogue.


Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue; Ecumenism of Spirit; Pentecostality of Church; Culture of Encounter