God or the world? a response to camus’ dilemma by means of the theological thought of torres queiruga

Carlos Alberto Vargas González


The article aims to present a solution to the dilemma posed by Albert Camus over God or the world by means of the theological thought of Andrés Torres Queiruga. Therefore, a systematic review of the works regarding the issues of God and the world of both Camus and Torres Queiruga is presented. First, the thought of the French man of letters is exposed, according to which one could not believe in God and defend the world simultaneously, because the faith in an afterlife God means the rejection of the inevitable reality of absurdity. Second, the thought of Torres Queiruga is exposed, who argues that one could only reach God going through the path of the world. Both writers, through similar paths, reach different conclusions. It is concluded that, far from becoming an obstacle for the struggle for the transformation of the world, faith in God is an imperative for radically committing oneself to human beings and all of their profound realities, of which Jesus of Nazareth testified.


Albert Camus; Andrés Torres Queiruga; God; World; Fuga Mundi

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18566/cueteo.v45n103.a06