Francis, The Pope of the end of the Constantinian age?

Dumar Iván Espinosa Molina


The metaphor of the ‘Constantinian Age’ illustrates one of way of being of the Church, namely, being together with the State, aiming for privileges and away from her mission. Such distortion of ecclesiology has caused the emergence of persons who, by going back to the sources, propose new evangelisms or periods of profound renewal. The aim of the article is the assessment of the evangelism of Pope Francis by means of a comparative analysis of his speeches and writings with Marie-Dominque Chenu’s “La fin de l’ère constantinienne”, written in 1961. The return to the Gospel roots, the urgency of mission, and the special attention paid to the poor, which are features that distinguish the papacy of Francis, make evident a new evangelism within the Church, like those of Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther, who gave rise to new christianities.


Ecclesiology; Pope Francis; Marie-Dominique Chenu; Constantinian Age; Christendom