“kai adousin ōdēn kainēn legontes...” (Ap 5, 9) A Song of Resistance

Juan Sebastián Hernández Valencia


The Apocalypse of John suggests a political theology. Particularly, Rev. 5, 9 provides a critique of the political-religious propaganda of the Roman Empire. It is unfortunate the scarce attention paid to this aspect among some commentators in order to achieve a complete understanding of the Christology of the Book of Revelation. These commentators, instead, give more importance to the liturgical aspect of the passage and neglect the theological relevance of the imperial cult practiced by the associations of Hymnodoi in some cities of Anatolia (such as Pergamum, Smyrna and Ephesus). Only a few research monographs that consider the historical background of the Book of Revelation address this issue. Bearing this in mind, the article aims to show that the original meaning of the afore-mentioned passage is the critique of the imperial cult.


New Testament Theology; Book of Revelation; Imperial Cult; New Canticle; Rev. 5, 9.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18566/cueteo.v44n101.a08