A New Paradigm in Catholic Theology: Historical- Cosmic Dimensions of Christian Mystery

Adolfo Galeano Atehortúa


The Second Vatican Council, the overcoming of Scholastic Theology, the Nouvelle Théologie, the Scientific Theology, the Techno-scientific Revolution of Darwin, Einstein and Hubble, and some other characteristic phenomena of Postmodernity are all causing a paradigm shift in Catholic Theology. This shift mostly involves a return to History –in an eschatological sense, according to the Bible– and the assimilation of the new scientific cosmology. Therefore, the article aims to present both the previous dominant paradigm in Catholic Theology and the aforementioned paradigm shift.


Nouvelle Théologie; Second Vatican Council; Scientific Revolution; Postmodernity; Eschatology; Paradigm.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18566/10.18566/cueteo.v43n100.a07