Drawing Water from your own Well”: Analysis of a Philosophical Discourse in Theological Tone within Gonzalo Soto’s Intellectual Production in the Journal Cuestiones Teológicas

Óscar Darío Arcila González


The intellectual production of Gonzalo Soto Posada, recognized professor and researcher, has been a benchmark in the philosophical and theological treatment of topics related to the Middle Ages. In the journal Cuestiones Teológicas of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana one might find a significant collection of writings that exemplifies his contribution in the area. Therefore, through a selection of some of his published articles and papers in this particular journal, it is possible to construct an intellectual profile that reveals how the author, based on a philosophical discourse, adopts a position on theological issues. Thus, the article exposes the way in which professor Soto, without leaving behind his philosophical training and by establishing a dialogue between disciplines, undertakes a theological reflection through a careful analysis of some ideas that were discussed during the Middle Ages.



Gonzalo Soto Posada; Cuestiones Teológicas; UPB; Intellectual Profile; Philosophy-Theology Dialogue.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18566/cueteo.v43n100.a04