Continuity between Before and After the Compliance

Mario Alejandro Arias Jaramillo


The continuity of Scripture remains a topical issue, then, the variety of texts is evident, not even canonical, running through the historic course of the Scriptures themselves. The article aims to show that the texts of the Old Testament have their own continuity as a phenomenon and not just as necessary to move to the New Testament requirement. Initially, the article focuses on a historical argument about the Septuagint, then Is. 52, 13-53, 12 is examined by textual criticism, to conclude that an open canon allowed the continuity of Scripture before the full Revelation in the New Testament. Different interpretations and discussions, rather than obscure the sense of continuity of Scripture, affirms and enriches it.


Continuity; Discontinuity; Septuagint (LXX); Masoretic Text; Targum; Canon.