Country of origin effect: the case of colombian automobile consumers

Ana María Parente-Laverde


The concept of Country of Origin (CoO) has been largely studied as part of the international marketing field. CoO can be defined as the general consumer’s perception of products from a particular country (Roth & Romeo, 1992). This research studies the automobile consumption process of the Colombian consumer, regarding Country of Brand Origin (CoBO) and Country of Assembly (CoA) and its effect on the product evaluation of cars in terms of quality, perceived value and purchase intention. A survey conducted in the main cities in Colombia with 123 answers was an essential part of the methodology. Results show some evidence that consumers with category product knowledge use CoA information to evaluate a car, in most cases it was found that the CoBO and CoA do not make an impact on the evaluation process of the utomobile Colombian consumer. It was also proven that brand may be an important element in the evaluation process of Colombian consumers, but further research needs to be conducted to test this element.

Palabras clave

Country of Origin (CoO), Country of Assembly (CoA), Country of Brand Origin (CoBO), Automobile Industry, Brand Familiarity

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