Mediatization and Memory Policies in the Urban Context

Piotr Celinski


The present article explores the rules of acting and living in the urban space, on which the images inspired by sensitivity and competences connected with digital and web change are regularly superimposed. This “digital imagination” is such a prime mover that it becomes the dominant model of perception, being and acting in the world today. Its presence and influence are especially significant for constitution of the contemporary memory, as well as for the conditions and ways of using it. My reflections on the status of memory are situated within the dynamics of digital change occurring in the urban space, because it is there where the achievements of the digital revolution catch on with the pioneering speed and involvement. Cities of postmodern fate decided through in categories as: identity, culture of places and space, and memory.

Palabras clave

Cultural imaginaries; digital revolution; city culture; memory; visual culture; data

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