Task-Based Language Teaching and Socio Cultural Theory Basis for Effective Scaffolding in a Communicative Approach Class: Context Matters

Hilda Buitrago


This paper aims to present some significant concepts on Task-.Based Language teaching (TBL), Sociocultural Theory (SCT), Active Learning, Experiential Model and scaffolding that laid the theoretical framework for designing communicative tasks. More specifically, this action research focused on the creation of lesson context through the implementation of collective scaffolding strategies that would serve two equally important purposes: motivating students to take risks and increase their oral interactions, and introducing the key vocabulary they needed to carry out the successive stages and tasks of the lesson. The population catered to was made up of university students from a variety of faculties who were taking level 1 classes in an EFL communicative approach program.

Palabras clave

Sociocultural Theory; Task Based Learning; Scaffolding; Communicative Approach; Active Learning; Experiential Model

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