Analysis of Psychological Aspects of Lovemarks Formation

Vanessa Dos Santos Di Mattia, Maria Daniella Ramos Rodríguez, Andrés M. Pérez-Acosta


This paper aims to be a theoretical contribution to the understanding of underlying psychological processes of Kevin Roberts’ lovemarks concept that, in the marketing field, replaces brands, as we know it. The first section provides a brief story of branding evolution from a marketing and consumer psychology perspective. In the second section, Roberts’ lovemarks theory is explained, along with its components, the love/respect axis and mystery, sensuality and intimacy characteristics are analyzed. In addition, other branding literature authors and several successful applied cases are presented to support the theory. The third section is about the identification and analysis of the psychological aspects and processes that are relevant in lovemarks formation: perception, memory, individual and social motivation, and emotion. The fourth and last section is about the conclusions and implications in a consumer-brand relationship

Palabras clave

Lovemarks; consumer-brand relationship; brand romance; consumer psychological processes; marketing

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