Background to the concept of “Luke’s double work”: historical approach to the theological issues concerning Lucan studies

Juan Sebastián Hernández Valencia


With the work of the scholar Henry Joel Cadbury, the term Lucas-Acts came into use. Talking about “double work” is relatively novel, because this theological paradigm has only found acceptance during the last 91 years of the 148 of Lucan research, taking the work of the Tubingen School in 1870 as its starting point. During those 91 years, some criteria has been presented to define this unity as well as some objections, which have been raised by researchers such as Birds, Parsons, Pervo, Maddox, Marguerat and Walters. The article aims for an approach to the theological issues arising from the consensus over the concept of “double work”, highlighting some landmarks and important authors of its history.


Lucan Theology; Unity of Luke-Acts; Tubingen School; Cambridge School; Redaction Criticism