Salvation of the human being as historical process of formation in Irenaeus of Lyons

Mauricio Andrés Bueno Castellanos


Irenaeus of Lyons is a leading figure of the second-century due to his contributions in clarifying how the God of Jesus Christ remains acting in the history of creation. Within his theoretical proposal, Irenaeus suggests the idea of “formation of man” to understand human salvation as a progressive process that covers every human dimension, which were severely criticized during the first centuries. Bearing this in mind, the article is mainly based on his work Epideixis not only because of its apologetic nature, but also due to its catechetical one. The research reveals that the work of Irenaeus is aimed at recognizing the unity of Trinity, the goodness of creation, the importance of Jesus in salvation, and the evolving character of human salvation as God’s originary will.


Irenaeus of Lyons; Formation; Salvation; Christology; Human Being