Raúl Zambrano Camader: A poor bishop for the poor. 50 years after medellin

Dumar Iván Espinosa Molina


Poverty and human promotion are two of the points stressed by the universal and Latin American magisterium during the second half of the twentiethcentury. The aim of the research is to identify both topics in the bishopric of Raúl Zambrano Camander (1921-1972), Conciliar Father and representative of the spirit of Medellin, by comparing his writings with some documents of the universal and local magisterium. The key idea of the article is the confirmation of the need of a poor Church for the poor in Latin America, which should bring back her spirit, if she wants to remain faithful to her history, martyrs and people -who remain oppressed and exploited.


Second Vatican Council,; Medellin; Poverty; Human Promotion

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18566/cueteo.v45n104.a02